The globalization of cannabis cultivation- A Growing Challenge

Contemporary cannabis cultivation takes many different forms with variations in approach identifiable both within and between different countries, a simple typology of modern cannabis cultivation might, therefore, be “old” or “traditional” cultivation, cultivation in the developing world began to take on new dimensions, primarily for domestic consumption. With knowledge and technology (grow-lights, hydroponics, etc.) gradually becoming easily available, opportunities to cultivate cannabis grew. Global patterns of cannabis cultivation have followed a fascinating development, from highly concentrated production in certain developing countries to decentralized production in almost every country around the world. It is with the emergence of modern patterns of cannabis use in the developed world that we have seen major changes in patterns of cannabis production. As demand for cannabis increased globally, fuelled by the developments of the “counter-culture”. Cannabis cultivation may be too easily done, with demand for the product, alongside the knowledge and techniques needed for growing, too widespread to expect anything different.

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