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6th International Conference on Microbiome, Probiotics & Gut Nutrition, will be organized around the theme “Current research on microbiomes, probiotics and gut Nutrition ”

Microbiome 2022 is comprised of 31 tracks and 0 sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in Microbiome 2022.

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micro biota is an "ecological community of commensal, symbiotic and pathogenic microorganisms found in and on all multicellular organisms studied to date from plants to animals. A micro biota includes bacteria, archaea, protists, fungi and viruses. Micro biota has been found to be crucial for immunologic, hormonal and metabolic homeostasis of their host.

The human Microbiome may play a role in the activation of toll-like receptors in the intestines, a type of pattern recognition receptor host cells use to recognize dangers and repair damage. Pathogens can influence this coexistence leading to immune dysregulation including and susceptibility to diseases, mechanisms of inflammation, immune tolerance, and autoimmune diseases.